Seoul Therapy is an event management company promoting Korean Hip-Hop and R&B in Europe. We are creating a one-stop platform for international fans to experience the industry from A to Z and for artists to promote their work. Through our platform  we provide content about the industry ranging from podcasts, short form videos, informational YouTube videos, industry facts, and many more.
I've been passionate about Korean Hip-Hop and R&B for a while now, and Seoul Therapy is an amazing opportunity for me to combine my design skills and my passions. I collaborate with another designer on the team Charlotte but my primary focus is on social media content.

Deliverables: Social media content: YouTube videos/thumbnails, Tik Tok videos, social media graphics.
Considerations: Seoul Therapy distributes a lot of content and on a very frequent basis. With that in mind a lot of the content has to be templated for repetitive use and easily used by other creators on the team.
Social Media Graphics
Social Media Animations
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