Project Description
Goal: XONNECT is a platform for gamer's to easily link their accounts all into one profile which then allows them to easily share all of that. By linking their accounts the users save the trouble of going through your accounts one by one to share. Xonnect also provide the users a platform for their gaming persona, a way to separately share their in-game pictures, videos, achievements, and streams etc.
Deliverables: App design
Considerations: There were a lot of features that could be included in this app. It was important to find a balance between providing a good user experience and giving them the cool functions whilst not taking away key features or straying away from the core idea.
The idea behind XONNECT was to create a platform where players could keep all their game content on. From a survey I found out that people have trouble remembering all their accounts, or they often have a note of what games they have accounts on. This made me think that it would be helpful for players if there was a platform where they could keep all that information. Along with this I wanted to give players a platform for them to share content since everyone likes to brag a little about the achievements they earn in game.
App Design
Final Screens
Adobe Xd Prototype (Link)
Demo Video
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